Dev Blog 4/10/2017: Back to Work!

Hey! We’re back after MANDATORY VACATION! It really was necessary but I’m also really bad at vacation. What was in reality three weeks and four days felt about like 2 months. I mostly replayed some of my favorite games (Fable 1 & Mass Effect 3) and felt like I should be doing work. We also did a big spring-cleaning pass on our apartment, and MowtenDoo came to visit for like a week and a half too!

However even with all that we were bad and did some work anyways. Sheena laid out all the rooms for Karamari Hospital, I fixed some bugs, and one of our friends (Justin Moravetz of Zero Transform) helped me figure out one of the weird persistent VR issues (world-zeroing on launch). I also spent a lot of time speccing out some programmatic geometry generation I want to be able to use – I was only allowed to do actual code for 2 hours a day so I almost filled a notepad with scribbles.

The plan for the next week is for Sheena to go through and greybox out (add placeholder assets) for everything in Karamari Hospital – the way that the scenes are laid out means that it’s risky for both of us to work on the same scenes at the same time, so I will be continuing to chop away on the backlog of bug fixes needed. First up/what I did today was go over Specimen 5 with a fine-toothed comb. And also tweak Howard – he needs to calm the heck down.

Additionally, as you can see, our site is fully functional now! Yay! We kinda forgot about that when we were charging to the finish. Keep submitting those bug reports on the Steam forums so we can make this the best it can be!

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