Along with games, Albino Moose Games are using their experience to build a ton of tools for RPGMaker MV and Unity that will be available for purchase! Get real tools used in real games and help using them for cheap!

  • RPGMaker MV Lighting Engine – Light a whole scene, attach lights to individual characters, take your RPGMaker game to the next level of polish with this plugin using easy to configure JSON and plugin commands. This one is a huge factor in both PluhQuest and Project:NoNamedSpirits
  • Albino Moose Script – A dialogue scripting engine that allows you to write in a “screenplay” format and control text and actions within a game – currently RPGMaker MV, eventually Unity bindings as well! Being used in PluhQuest and Project:NoNamedSpirits directly and will be used in Zenobia later.
  • Unity WebRTC – Planned for Zenobia but not built yet – using the (relatively) new WebRTC technologies to enable fast network communication with fewer limitations than websockets!
  • Unity Spline Geometry Toolkit – Author geometry directly within Unity in super configurable ways. The evolution of the tools used in Spooky’s HD