Pluh Quest

PluhQuest is a comedy RPG that started as an idea from the comedy metal band Psychostick in 2003. The game had a simple concept, a few songs already composed and a few levels, no longer than a 20 minute playable demo. Fast Forward to 2016, AMG being very close with Psychostick decided to join forces and create what would be a dream to both AMG and Psychostick. The game plays like a traditional Final Fantasy like game, with a combat system with random encounters, colorful characters and a large world that can be explored. From each house, to cave, to forest, to space, PluhQuest will have at least 10 hours of main content and a few extra hours of side questing; keeping the game interesting and fun. With original music composed by Josh and Rob of Psychostick, original art by Michelle “Souzou Inc”, and programming by Travis and Sheena, this game will have a lot of unique and original content. Have a look!