Albino Moose Games is a game studio founded by two best friends and video game industry veterans, Sheena Perez and Travis Rupp-Greene. They decided to join forces and create games that they feel passionate about and enjoy. From RPGs, MOBAs, RTS, and so on, they both enjoy playing all types of games and wanted to take their favorite games they enjoy and make their own.

Sheena Perez – Co-Founder

Sheena Perez is one-half and Co-Founder of Albino Moose Games. She started her career in the industry 5 years ago as a sound designer and a freelance composer. After creating a Pong game in Unity, she decided that being a game developer was up her alley. She released a game titled Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion formerly known as Spooky’s House of Jump Scares on Steam. She decided to partner up with her best friend Travis Rupp-Greene and create passion projects under their own game studio. Sheena is the PR manager, composer, business manager and  game developer for Albino Moose.

Travis Rupp-Greene – Co-Founder

Travis Rupp-Greene is the other Co-Founder and half of Albino Moose Games. He knew he wanted to be a game developer when he got his first computer with QBASIC on it in fourth grade – he wasn’t allowed to play games during the week so instead he programmed them (to the detriment of schoolwork). While he was burning out after around a decade in the traditional industry he met Sheena Perez and became best friends, and eventually they struck out to found Albino Moose Games. He is a severe engineering generalist being able to do anything from engineer systems for millions of users to UI/UX design to writing shaders and modelling brains.

Adam Malinowski – Artist

Adam Malinowski is a graphic designer who worked on Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation. Ever since he was young, he has been interested in the development of video games. Adam studied computer programming in high school, but soon discovered he was more suited to have an artistic role within game development. After high school he went to university and specialized in graphic design. Adam finished his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and now he’s about to complete his master’s degree.
In the past Adam worked on making posters, magazine layouts and website design, but his true passion lies in making art for video games.

Lauren Ladore – QA Tester

Lauren Ladore has been playing video games since before she can remember. As an artist and a gamer from such a young age, she has developed an observant and critical eye that eventually brought her onto the QA team from Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation. While her work and education has always focused on art and design, with a bachelor’s degree in Illustration, her passion remains with video games, and not-so-secretly always wanted to be a tester when she “grew up”. Now, she acts as QA for Albino Moose Games while continuing her illustration endeavors in tandem.

Matthew Nieves – QA Tester

Matthew Nieves has had a controller in his hand since he was in diapers, leaning and sinking in his chair as he made Mario run across the screen on the NES. He’s always been enamored with them, and used to love to sit through the credits, staring in awe at the people who got to create the amazing games he enjoyed so much. He has always had respect and passion towards game creators, and when he was asked to help test Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation, it was a childhood dream being fulfilled. He goes into each day of testing with the same childlike wonder and eagerness he started with all those years ago.